The Art of Computer Programming in SEO

The Art of Computer Programming in Search Engines

When considering the significance of the world wide web and internet and programming, you can only imagine the enormous amounts of data collection and administrative processes that are used each day.The art of computer programming  in is a highly sophisticated process in Search Engines such as Google and Amazon and SEO programs work tirelessly 24/7 organising and indexing data.

10 of the Largest Databases in the World are;

1 Library of Congress

      • 130 million items (books, photographs, maps, etc)
      • 29 million books
      • 10,000 new items added each day
      • 530 miles of shelves
      • 5 million digital documents
      • 20 terabytes of text data


      • 100 FOIA items added each month
      • Comprehensive statistics on more than 250 countries and entities
      • Unknown number of classified information

3 Amazon

      • 59 million active customers
      • More than 42 terabytes of data

4 YouTube

      • 100 million videos watched per day
      • 65,000 videos added each day
      • 60% of all videos watched online
      • At least 45 terabytes of videos

5 Choicepoint

      • 250 terabytes of personal data
      • Information on 250 million people

6 Sprint

      • 2.85 trillion database rows.
      • 365 million call detail records processed per day
      • At peak, 70,000 call detail record insertions per second

7 Google

      • 91 million searches per day
      • accounts for 50% of all internet searches
      • Virtual profiles of countless number of users

8 AT&T

      • 323 terabytes of information
      • 1.9 trillion phone call records


      • 2.8 petabytes of data
      • Operated by 2,000 computational scientists

10 World Centre for Climate

      • 220 terabytes of web data
      • 6 petabytes of additional data

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There are currently organizations around the world in the business of amassing collections of things and their collections number into and above the trillions. In many cases these collections, or databases, consist of items we use every day. In this list, we cover the top 10 largest databases in the world only.

A web search, although for some, may seem to be simplistic, it is in fact a significant application toward the dissemination and management of this data.

The art of computer programming in Search Engines has become highly sophisticated particularly in the last 10 years.

the art of computer programming
The Art of Computer Programmings

Managing web content is an applied science whereby a large number of resources have gone into making the way toward discovering data online in a quick and simple procedure. The most popular programs, apply sophisticated techniques, complex processes and computer code to recover data from the Internet. Likewise, there are essential techniques used by many businesses when searching for data for one of the most widely recognized online exercises.

Most internet traffic relies on search engine optimization programs (SEO).

A web search is one of the best tools for any website. It is understood that the first or the principal pages of search results, as a rule, are in the top positions.

There are two different ways an online search can perform the search function;

  1. the search will discover a business site through an internet searcher by a price per click (PPC)
  2. the search is centered around written content through a Blog or article for example and that is based on what is called Search Engine Optimization, SEO. The art of computer programming as an SEO function can be characterized as the procedure of influencing – improving the practicability of a site (or a website page) with the goal that it positions well for specific keywords or phrases.

The PPC model states that if content shows up every now and again on that site, the more crawls (or bots) will get from the traffic hunters. All in all, there are a lot of methods that consider the assessment criteria of web indexes with respect to site substance and structure.

As indicated in iProspect 2006, 90% of web index clients never read past the third page of indexed lists (iProspect, 2006). Top postings found in search of Google’s natural indexed boast 32.5% of the traffic, 17.6% for the second, and 11.4% for the third position.

Sites recorded on the first page in Google‘s outcomes produce 92 percent of all traffic from a normal search (Chitika, 2013). From all the above mentioned, it is apparent that if a site isn’t in the principal indexed lists page or even more terrible is missing from the best 30, it has practically no possibility of being pursued by a client (Clay, 2006).

As a result, and keeping in mind that an ever-increasing number of sites are recorded via web indexes and contend with one another to guarantee their own piece of the overall industry, it is clear that factors as the most elevated positioning and top of the outcomes page become progressively fundamental for organizations of various sorts (Enge, Spencer, and Stricchiola, 2015; Giomelakis and Veglis, 2015).

What’s in a Google Web Search

Web search tools consist of three sections: the web crawler or bug, the indexer, and the processor (Mudgil, Sharma, and Gupta, 2013). Wiki states that a Web crawler, sometimes called a spider or spider bot and often shortened to crawler, is an Internet bot that systematically browses the World Wide Web, typically for the purpose of Web indexing (web spidering).

The Art of Programming
The Art of Programming and SEO’s like Google

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The crawler efficiently peruses the World Wide Web, takes a look at each URL (Uniform Resource Locator) gathering keywords and expresses them on a page, which are then filed on huge databases. This way the crawler also stays up to date with the latest. Web crawlers start with finding a location of information needed and then visit the connections on each page to find other site pages. This process is repeated over and over again.

The way indexing programs work is to assign keywords and phrases to databases containing the full content on web sites. Users of SEO’s search through the index and not the web page itself. Users search for the quickest result, not necessarily the most accurate. At the point when clients click on items listed they recover the present adaptation of a website page.

Through connections, web crawlers (for example computerized robots) can reach many interconnected archives and use calculations in order to discover and gather data about pages.

By and large, a pursuit calculation can be portrayed as a critical thinking method that takes the issue (for example the clients’ assertion or expression), filters through a huge database of listed keyword with their URLs, and then restores a posting of best-coordinating site pages as indicated by the search criteria.

Search results (for example page positioning) for the most part rely upon the seen quality-significance of the page and in fitting with the calculation that is being utilized just as on significance and a different element such the recurrence of catchphrases, demographics, age and activity. It finds what is most popular, not necessarily what’s most accurate or of quality.

Page Rank (one of its most popular calculations) is a quality measurement utilized in positioning that gauges the significance of pages by counting the number and nature of connections to a page.

Google has consistently improved the manner in which it utilizes the effect on page rankings (one explanation is to manage connect spam) Despite everything there are a few esteem in SEOs. Likewise, it is genuine that page ranking has become a fixation for some search engine optimization programmers focusing on and looking intently at the nature of each new connection.

search engine1
Art of Programming for Search Engines.

In short, search calculations can be ordered into three wide classes: on-page calculations that measure on-page factors taking a gander at the components of each page (for example catchphrases in content or meta labels), whole site calculations that attention on the relationship of site components (eg. content, connections between pages or design of pages) lastly, offsite calculations that investigate the connections between the sites.

These 3 areas of interest form part of the larger calculations where web indexes have advanced significantly after some time and they continually “creep” the web to refresh their databases with new data. As per measurements, Google is the world’s most well-known web search tool by far.

In 2020, Google Search is the world’s leading search engine on the market. As large as Google has grown, as many changes as it has seen, its primary purpose is still clear: To help users find what they want on the internet. And that’s where Google’s search engine shines. The search engine has the ability to show users intent by calculation statistical inferences and so making it a powerful marketing tool.

5 Top Free SEO Programs Available

Keyword research has always been one of the most important (but also time-consuming and complicated) SEO activities. The best thing you can do to optimize your keyword research routine is getting yourself a powerful keyword research tool. This way, you will not only collect tons of new profitable keywords but also automate the whole process and save hours of time.

    1. Rank Tracker
    2. Google Keyword Planner
    3. Google Search Console
    4. Google Trends
    5. Jaaxy

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In conclusion, I have discussed how search engines work and the parameters under which they work. In the last 15 years search engines have become highly sophisticated programs that know how to show the user’s intent. SEO is a fast growing industry with leading experts in the field of expertise. For the purpose of this article I have recommended 5 top free SEO programs. I am a user of Jaaxy for free and find it equally efficient and reliable as its competitors. A full comparison of these top free players will be provided in my next Blog.


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