10 Pomodoro Ways To Save Time


The Pomodoro Technique was developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s. The word pomodoro is Italian for “tomato” similar to a timer used in an Italian kitchen. The Pomodoro Way This Pomodoro Technique can be used when writing your blogs, doing promotions, or any other task that is needed to be done. Setting your … Read more 10 Pomodoro Ways To Save Time

Obstacles For Women Growing Small Business

Obstacles For Women Growing Small Business

Obstacles for women growing small business may be unseen. A microbusiness as Wiki describes or microenterprise has the same meaning, though traditionally when referring to a small business financed by microcredit the term microenterprise is often used. After all, you don’t know what you don’t know. This topic is dear to my heart and something I … Read more Obstacles For Women Growing Small Business

Critical Thinking Skills

Critical thinking skills

“If I have seen further it is by standing on ye shoulders of Giants” by Isacc Newton. We don’t have to re-invent the wheel to create a great post. When writing blogs, we use a lot of critical thinking skills. These skills include; Conceptualizing Analyzing Synthesizing Evaluating When we use these skills we gather information … Read more Critical Thinking Skills

Shopify’s Interface and DropShipping

The Shopify Interface allows you to set up and manage various shop-seller labels. Dropshipping is allowed as well as selling your own products. I am setting up a drop shipping arrangement and will add to this article as I action each step.

Some of the main channels to sell are;

  • Your Shopify Website.
  • Google: a window for users searching and ordering your items on your Facebook account.
  • Messenger: in Messenger conversations with customers you can directly sell
  • Button Purchase: this service allows you to buy buttons for e-commerce on every platform or forum.
  • Amazon: this enables you to manage Amazon listings and to shop in one place.
  • Ebay: You can use your Shopify store to list your product on Ebay.

A lot more (including Instagram, Houzz and Buzzfeed) channels are also available.


In general, utilising the Shopify app is very easy, but it is worth noting some small annoyances.

Product Images (Online Shop channel).

If you upload shopping photos at a certain aspect ratio, you can not shop it automatically. Shopify will not configure them in either situation. In other terms, you have a set of photographs of various forms, which have a detrimental impact on the picture.

You can do so by utilising a photo editing software to maintain a clear aspect ratio with your items-but you may have a headache particularly if your shop includes vast quantities of goods because you do not do that until you start to upload your pictures.

It is certainly worth noting that integration with Shopify-Facebook will not suit every merchant.

Selling products on Facebook with Shopify As things stand, the ‘Facebook platform’ of Shopify can be used to fill up a Facebook page segment — but only one object can be bought from consumers on a Facebook page (there’s no ‘Cart Attach’ option).

It would be all right with certain retailers, but if there are sellers with the consumer base who usually sells products in large amounts, that could be irritating. That is relevant with musicians and performers who choose to market a new CD on the Facebook page.

Moreover, you can’t offer Facebook digital goods – as I have learned when I attempted to add my  It can only be sold on that channel for shipping products.dropshipping

To be honest, there are restrictions on the Facebook edge, so if you have ambitious ideas for Facebook sales you must be conscious of them. Before they are answered, it may be easier for other merchants with Shopify to actually urge their Facebook backers to click on a key to their complete online stores.

However, aside from these grips, the code of Shopify is smooth, easy to use and does not give many users a learning curve. See a vlog-style photo from below: Shopify Point-of-Sale One of Shopify’s especially good features is its ‘selling point’ (POS) choice, and hardware that merits special attention and helps it stand out from its rivals.

Shopify Equipment For Point-of-Sale.

The “Selling Stage” package helps you to use Shopify not only to operate your company online, but also to sell physically.

POS hardware from Shopify helps you to sell Shopify digitally and physically – as long as you’ve got an iOS app or Android computer. To support you achieve this, you will buy a broad variety of hardware (barcode readers, tills, receipt printers etc).

There are a number of applications for Shopify’s point-of-sale tools: they allow you to sell your inventory and stock counting automatically in a pop-up shop, from a market stand, at an event or even in a permanent retail outlet.

Read moreShopify’s Interface and DropShipping

Extraordinary Ordinary Sea of Life

Sea of Life

The Sea of Life. What I have seen in this Corona Virus crisis is these same people banding together for support. The same people have not abandoned our small community or coworkers in crisis here in the town I live in. These are the ones who have banded together. They are principle driven, not money … Read more Extraordinary Ordinary Sea of Life