Sea of Life

Extraordinary Ordinary Sea of Life

The Sea of Life.

What I have seen in this Corona Virus crisis is these same people banding together for support.

The same people have not abandoned our small community or coworkers in crisis here in the town I live in. These are the ones who have banded together. They are principle driven, not money driven. For that one factor I admire them.

What is an extraordinary ordinary person? Someone who goes beyond what is ordinary or usual to something extraordinary. It is the local grocery store family, the local teachers, a sports coach, guidance counselor, local nurse, doctor and Pastor.

Everyone’s journey is different. Celebrate the ordinary. Do something great things with your life and you will succeed.Sea of Life

You can do something great without having to re-engineering your life.

Here are 9 steps to make an ordinary life extraordinary;

Here are those skills that differentiate people from living an ordinary live to an extraordinary life.
1. Be diligent of time management, it  correctly says “Time and Tide wait none.” An person should understand the time value  to succeed in all aspects of life. People who waste time are not building their own identity. How is schedule management? Time management refers to controlling time efficiently to devote time to the right task. Good time management enables individuals to delegate different time slots according to their value. Time management refers to using time as possible because time is often reduced. Ask yourself what task is more important and how much time should be allocated? Know what to do sooner and what to do a little later. Time management plays a very important role in our personal lives, not just in organisations.

Time management includes:Sea of Life

        • Effective planning goals and priorities
        • Setting deadlines
        • Delegating duties
        • Prioritizing tasks according to heir value
        • Investing time on the right thing
        • Effective planning schedule the day well in advance.
        • Prepare a list or “Mission PLAN.”
        • Identify the relevant things to be completed in a single day against the time allotted to each task.
        • High-priority jobs will be on top, followed by others who actually don’t need much of the attention.
        • Full one-by-one pending activities.
        • Don’t start fresh research until you’ve completed your previous assignment.
        • Check those you’ve already done.
        • Ensure you complete tasks within the specified time frame.

2. Set Goals and Objectives. 

Operating without objectives and goals in an organisation will be equivalent to a scenario where the ship’s captain loses his way into the sea. Yeah, you’d be lost. Set yourself goals and make sure they’re practical and achievable.

Set deadlines For Yourself and aim to complete assignments before deadlines.

3. Take Responsibility Delegation

Sea of LifeLearn to say “NO” at work.  Don’t do it alone. Roles and duties must be assigned by employees’ interest and expertise in order to complete tasks under deadlines. A person who doesn’t know something needs more time than someone who knows the job well.

        • Prioritizing Tasks Prioritize tasks by their importance and urgency.
        • Know the difference between urgent and essential jobs.
        • Identify which activities should be completed within a day, which should be completed within a month, etc.
        • Very essential things should be completed sooner.

Spend the time on routine tasks and habits.

    • Establish the habit of doing the right thing at the right time.
    • Practice completed at the wrong time isn’t useful.
    • Don’t waste a day on something you can do in an hour or so.
    • Hold your personal calls or search status on Facebook or Twitter separate.
    • After all, man isn’t a machine.

4. Effective Time Management, one must be:

  • Organized-stop holding file stacks and paper heaps at your workstation.
  • Throw what you don’t like.
  • Place relevant  papers in directories.
  • Keep files on top of each file in their respective drawers.
  • This saves time on needless quest.
  • Don’t waste time
sea of life
Sea of Life

5. Be Focused.

One must concentrate on successful time management. Establish the habit of using schedules, folders, table top calendars for better timing. Set phone reminders or personal computers.

6. Learn to Deal With Your Critics.

  • See what’s said.
  • Is it real or an excuse for a cheap shot. There’s a difference.
  • Take what others have to say.

5 Helpful Methods.

    1. Don’t respond immediately.
    2. Listen to the critique.
    3. Remember: you’re not necessarily accused.
    4. Respond or go.
    5. Keep daily calm.

7. Find a Great Mentor.

A great mentor will guide his mentee with empathy, sensitivity and persistence when adjusting to changing times and circumstances.
Mentoring is a much-used term. Becoming a great mentor is not a target or destination, put path with a starting point and a constantly evolving endpoint.

Sea of Life
The Sea Of Life

8. Continuous Development and Lifelong Learning.

We are all charged with two responsibilities we can never ignore.

                  • one is to improve ourselves and the other is
                  • to strive for balance in life.

Responsibilities are something we’re born with and they’ll accompany us throughout our lives.

On a final note it is important to respect from all walks of life. but always be kind to those who are different from you. You may never know when your life may change and you find yourself in the same position they are in when you met them.

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