Corona Virus Makes Working at Home Credible.


Working from home is on the rise and its popularity has been given a push by the spread of Corona virus, particularly in high density populations. Australia is buckling down and bracing itself for the impact the virus will have on attendance at work.

The trends toward flexible working patterns are also influenced by technological developments. The Observer has stated that the financial incentives to encourage flexible working hours has been explained in many materials aimed at the commercial or public sector but this not promoted or sold to employees and workers in general.working from home

It is important therefore to challenge the current view that their are only positive benefits to be gained by the work–life balance (Hyman  2002). There are combined incentives and an increasing focus on the home environment as a place where we work, live, shop and seek entertainment (Henley Centre, 1998; Moore, 2000). This shift to combine work and life more effectively is part of a cyclical trend which predates the industrial revolution whereby home and work were not viewed as separate aspects of life spatially or conceptually. Recent work has suggested that the integration or separation of work and home spheres.

There are many things to consider when working from home. What is acceptable and unacceptable standards of interaction with other colleagues when conducting work at home. We all remember the time when Professor Robert Kelly’s 3 year old gate crashed his BBC interview in front of millions of people. And I’m not sure doing a YouTube video on the sofa is the best place if you want to make a professional impression.

Without a doubt its best to have a designated space to work. IT facilities and equipment is more accustomed to working remotely. The kinds of equipment you will need include;

  • Fast Dedicated Phone Line
  • Reliable Fast NBN Service WIFI – (TPG, IInet, Telstra, Optus, Southern Phone, Dodo in AUS)
  • Telephone Headset – preferrabley bluetooth.
  • Transcription Software.
  • Quality Webcam.
  • Fax, Printer and Scanner

Weekly team meetings can still occur remotely. And when we do meet up with work colleagues, the old handshake may not be the best way to greet people. At least not until the threat of viral infection is over. Maybe a pat on the back will do the trick. A side hug is well-known in certain circles. We teach the side hug to our special needs friends who like to hug strangers. On second thoughts “no hugging” until we’re in the clear.

It’s not the best idea to live in your casual gear while on a conference call either. So what we are seeing in many situations is emergence of a code of conduct at the home office as well as in the office. I find it exciting that finally flexible working arrangements are more acceptable than ever before.

In saying that, I’m going to finish my wheatbix then go and get out of my pajamas. Ha Ha Ha!

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