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At Home Laundry Service

Recently a colleague of mine has set up her own laundry service at home. It has been a very lucrative business. The family now have installed 3 industrial size washing machines and dryers. They have had to get council approval and install water pipes to service a higher demand. The laundry service is now a family business.

Setting up an at home laundry service business from home initially requires research of three things.

  1. Pricing  – Setting up a pricing schedule is an important step in setting up your business.At home Launfdry Service You can also try to sell some products too.
  2. Production – A question you have to ask yourself is  – what if you got 10 times as many orders, can you keep up with them?  Then the answer is to find a process that is efficient. I know that the only way to do that is trial and error.  We find the thing that works and then we just keep repeating it.
  3. Marketing  – It is one thing to create a service, it’s another thing to how you going to sell it. Some options include opening up an Etsy account, sell on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. Lots of Instagram pictures will help too.

In summary, you will need to provide the pricing, the production level, and the marketing process.

At Home Laundry Service

It should go without saying that if you’re quarantined or self-isolating you shouldn’t venture to the laundromat service or be setting up one.

Asia-Pacific was the largest region in the global dry-cleaning and laundry services market, accounting for 34% of the market in 2019. North America was the second largest region accounting for 33% of the global dry-cleaning and laundry services market. Africa was the smallest region in the global dry-cleaning and laundry services market.

Mobile apps are catering to the growing demand for on-demand laundry services owing to the convenience. These mobile apps allow customers to remotely order dry-cleaning or laundry service, share preferences, and request delivery.

On-demand laundry service providers pick up clothes and linen from customers, clean and deliver it back to customers at a preferred time. The customers automatically receive notifications about the pickup, estimated date and time of drop off and total cost of the service.

Gata Hub, WashClub, Startup, and Washio are some mobile apps being used for on-demand laundry services.


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This is the compliance code for Australian laundry businesses. Please check the relevant code for the region where you are going to locate your service.

Compliance in Australia is managed by the Laundry Association of Australia. Their website is


Codes compliance includes Social Responsibility:

We also need to consider our social responsibility:

  • Our People
  • Our Safety
  • Our Community

To support achieving these outcomes we encourage members to:

  • Develop environmental policies and management systems
  • Monitor Performance and targets
  • Implement industry-based training and awareness
  • Commercial and client environmental technical support
  • Environmental compliance, risk management, and reporting
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Communications

Codes compliance includes Building and Facilities Compliance:

Facilities: Buildings & Equipment

Management systems: Human Resources Management; Quality

Management; WHS; Risk Management

Operations: Transport; Storage at the plant; Washing; Processing; Infection

Control; & Distribution

Customer Relations: Customer requirements and feedback

Compliance Checklist

There are courses you can do to improve your competencies in the laundromat industry. In Australia, these include Online Learning;

An entry-level course that provides skills prior to entering the industry, or in conjunction with workplace induction. This course ensures new entrants understand the safety requirements specific to the workplace environment.

Certificate II-Laundry Operations – Certificate II is delivered primarily to Corrective Service Inmates and Disability Laundry. The Certificate II provides industry-relevant skills and encourages development and pathways leading into the industry.

Certificate III Laundry Operations – Certificate III is for new entrants; existing employees; and those seeking a career in the Laundry Industry. Government funding and incentives are provided. Programs are designed for industry to recruit and develop new entrants; progressing employees into full-time employment; developing skills for sustainability; and continuing the growth of the industry.

At Home Laundry ServiceCertificate IV Leadership and Management – Certificate IV is for laundry managers to develop and grow their skills specifically to the Laundry Industry. Designed especially for:

                • leading hands;
                • supervisors;
                • operations managers; and
                • management at any level.

Certificate IV will provide the tools required for compliance with the Standards and Code of Practice; WHS; Project Management; employees etc.

A Case Study of At Home Laundry Service.

Customers need to laundry their clothes on a regular basis, week in, and week out.

Washing clothes is part of the base necessity of life. It’s part of personal hygiene, a huge advantage of laundromats. It’s a cash business. So there are no checks in the mail. There are no receivables customers come in, they use their own labor and they pay in advance and they pay with cash.

The owner also has up to a 30-day grace period on the utilities that a customer consumes before they actually have to pay for those utilities.

Another, a huge advantage of a laundromat. Since there’s no inventory, you may have a couple of cases of soap kicking around, but it’s not like an appliance store, which would have tens of thousands of dollars tied up in inventory. In addition to that, there are no spoilage restaurants, food establishments have spoilage issues where they’re constantly losing inventory due to age or spoilage. That’s not the case in laundromats.

Laundry Services are recession-proof. Commercial laundries are very recession-resistant. The recession has certainly held its own. I’m going to ask also to show an incredibly stable revenue stream weekend and week out, month in and month out. Laundromat and revenue is steady and reliable. It’s remarkable how little variations they are to the laundromat revenue stream. There are very few variations when it comes to the weather. There’s also very little variations when it comes to seasonality or the time of year, the disadvantages of owning laundromats are primarily the high initial investment cost takes a tremendous amount of money.

It’s very capital intensive. The machines are very expensive. Plus you need to do expensive construction work.

Laundromats consume a tremendous amount of utilities. A lot of water, a lot of gas, a lot of sewers, and a lot of electricity.

Laundromats are also mechanically intensive. So you need somebody or support somebody who has some mechanical skills. It’s not a passive investment.

The Business Model.

Chances are you have a washer, you have a dryer. That’s going to limit you at the onset.

If you start developing clientele and a base, a foundation of yourself, and at the same time you have a rush of people coming in to use your service your laundry services from home, you’re going to be limited to the amount of laundry you’re going to do because the cycles take like an hour for each one.

At Home Laundry Service

So it’s going to limit you to the amount of money that you can make per customer and how many customers you can fit into a day.

I would highly advise you if you’re looking at starting a laundry business from home to make money without any limiting factors.

If you can afford what you’re passionate about, whether that’s to travel more, whether it’s to spend more time with your family, whether it’s to take your family out of your current home, moving to a bigger, better home, all right.

The best thing you could do and learn how to create as much leverage as possible. If you want to build a business from home to make money, learn how to do it in a highly profitable, lucrative way, where they’re no limitations in a sense, all right, there’s still going to be work required.

At Home Laundry Service

You’re going to learn some things, but where there’re no limitations. And before you considered going down this road, all right, if you hear me out here for a second, my experience with this goes back over the last year and a half.

When I came across a person who was building a business from home, making high, multiple six-figure incomes without having to create their own products and services, without having to be limited to the number of people that they could see throughout a day. In fact, they have had people coming to them.

They’re using systems online to track like an endless amount of people to them on a daily, consistent basis. I’m requesting more information about what they were doing and because they were doing this traveling around the world, all right, building a business on the internet from home.

At Home Laundry Service

Because it was on the internet. So they didn’t have to deal with overhead. They didn’t have to deal with, you know, who they could see.

They could send out an email and talk to multiple people all at the same time. What they’re doing less than 30 days later was able to create for me a full-time income business from home working part-time.

I did have to learn some things, but if you’re looking at starting a laundry business from home, because you want to build a business from home to make money, if that’s what you’re looking for, the best thing you could do is to learn how to make as much money as you can, with a highly profitable business model.

That’s lucrative. All right? That’s not really limited to the number of people you can see throughout the day.

Because if you have limitations, the amount of profit you can make automatically goes down. And the more work you have to put in automatically goes up. And I hope that makes sense. And if you want to learn how to build a business are using and leveraging the internet from home, if this makes sense to you, I can share with you what was shown to me going back 15 months ago.

At Home Laundry Service

I can help you out if you know, have that drive and you are really willing to learn some things not afraid to somewhere, and you can check out my site after this it’s one, two, three marketing tips.com. I’ll put a link in the description below.

But aside from that, whatever approach you decide to take is the best thing to be doing, how to do is learn how to attract an endless amount of people to you and what you have to offer.

And the best way to do that is by using and leveraging systems online. All right, that way you’re not going out and you’re not limiting yourself to the number of people you can talk to. You’re not going out and hunting people when people down are doing home meetings or three-way calls with people.

We’re trying to look for sure people to get involved in your business. All right. Learning how to leverage systems, to track an endless amount of people, to the best thing you can do. And like I said, I’d advise you before you consider a laundry business model, seriously, consider doing everything online. So I appreciate your time here. Click below to read more about Opportunities to Work from Home.

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